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VSP offers direct, non-employer-sponsored individual vision plans to HMAA and HWMG members who are not covered under an employer vision plan. You and your family will enjoy low out-of-pocket costs, saving you hundreds of dollars on eye care and eyewear each year.

Enrollment is quick and easy through VSP’s website. You can choose to pay the annual premium in one payment or in twelve monthly installments, regardless of when benefits are utilized. The monthly payment option is a one-year contract.

Savings on Vision Care

Enroll with VSP online and start saving on eye exams, frames or contacts, lens enhancements and more. Different coverage level options are available for additional benefits and savings. To get the most out of your benefits, visit an in-network provider.

You can start using your benefits the next business day or the month following your enrollment. No insurance card is necessary; just tell your provider you have VSP.

The minimum age requirement for policyholders is 18. Some large retail chain affiliate providers such as Costco, Sam’s Club, Walmart, and other optical centers are not in-network for these individual plans. Please use the FIND A DOCTOR search to make sure your provider is in the network.

Some VSP Individual Vision Plans are available to members of the Healthy Vision Association (HVA) which has a membership fee. As a member of the HVA, you’ll have access to health and wellness discounts and savings

VSP is a registered trademark, and the VSP Individual Plans logo is a trademark of Vision Service Plan.

All merchant offers are subject to the Member Plus Discount Program’s Terms and Conditions.