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Kaimade® Milk Cookies offer lactation cookie mixes for the nursing mom! Unlike any average lactation cookie, their recipes provide a fun way to help moms boost their milk supply with a delicious treat (results may vary). They are currently the first and only lactation cookie company operating out of the Aloha State and has become well-known throughout the local mommy community since 2015.

Kaimade® Milk Cookies have different flavors to choose from and allergy-friendly options (gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, and flax-free) aside from the regular mixes. With their cookies, they helped thousands of moms and babies throughout Hawaii and around the world. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates, promos, and events.

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Enjoy 15% off select lactation cookie mixes (excludes Mama Bundles) when using promo code HMAAMAMA at checkout.

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